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Woodward as Holden “Webs” Webster, Stacey Scowley as Young Woman, Angie Hart as Singer Writer(s): Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Marti Noxon and Joss Whedon Director: Nick Marck Synopsis in 50 words or less: Buffy fights a former classmate-turned-psych-major-turned-vampire who psycho-analyses her insecurities while they battle; Willow is confronted by the apparent ghost of Cassie, claiming to speak for Tara; Dawn battles a poltergeist at home; Andrew and Jonathan return from Mexico to find trouble at Sunnydale High.Why it’s on the list: An astounding episode that features 4.5 separate stories that (save for an unanswered phone call) don’t intersect, yet all build to a climax with the same intensity and dread.If I were only doing a Top Ten, then I’d probably just rank it as one episode, but since this is a Top 25, I figured that they should take their own spots on the list as a tie. Episode 129 – Season 7 Featured Performers: Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers, Nicholas Brendan as Xander Harris, Emma Caulfied as Anya, Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers, James Marsters as Spike, and Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg.Recurring Performer(s): Danny Strong as Jonathan Levinson, Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells, Adam Busch as Warren Meers/The First, Azura Skye as Cassie Newton/The First, Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers/The First Guest Star(s): Jonathan M.The last thing Xander Harris expected to find out was that he was adopted.

A quick note to be made here is that I didn’t miss number 8.“Tabula Rasa” (6.08): Willow casts a spell meant to cause Tara to forget her feelings of anger about Willow’s increasing use of magic, but the spell, of course, goes awry.All of the Scooby gang winds up with amnesia, which leads to a hilarious episode in which they all try to figure out who they are.Their developing attraction is sweet and sexy, but when they kiss, Willow suddenly turns into Warren, the man she killed at the end of Season 6. This list doesn’t even include a number of my other favorite episodes, including “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” (1.11), in which Clea Du Vall plays an invisible high school student; “Phases” (2.15), in which Oz discovers he’s a werewolf and former bully Larry reveals that he’s gay; the Evil Willow episodes from the end of Season 6; “Smashed” followed by “Wrecked” in which Buffy hooks up with Spike; the very scary “Conversations With Dead People” in Season 7 with the ghost of Joyce wreaking havoc on the Summers house; or the bittersweet season finale. A Buffy haunted by the violence that wrecked her life in L. Wise to the tricks of vampires, Buffy kills one specific undead that sends three fourths of the Scourge of Europe right to her door. but it doesn't look quite like the world she left behind. Willow is living on her own as a highschool student by day who runs her own, hightech Evilfighting HQ by night. Just as the vampires are almost exterminated, something starts to happen. Can our heroes come together to fight the coming darkness? All members of the Class of 1999 are welcome, alive, dead, or undead…. Willow, Xander, Cordelia, and Oz are left alone to cope with the ever active hellmouth.

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