Updating tongue and groove oak panel

You can only float Armstrong engineered hardwood floors, not solid hardwoods.

Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured for enhanced stability.

A coat of paint on your paneling can instantly brighten the room and give it a more contemporary feel.

Painting over tongue-and-groove paneling is not difficult, but it requires a few more steps than you’d typically use when painting over a flat surface such as drywall.

When priming and painting the paneling, remove the excess paint that collects in the grooves of the wood with your paintbrush as you cut in along the edges of the room.

When you’ve finished cutting in, begin at the top of the wall and paint the grooves.

For more modern, rustic flair, large rectilinear oak or pine panels finished with a clear stain seems to be the way to go.

People who love and respect wood have had success using salvaged planks, and refinishing them in unobtrusive ways.

Painting tongue-and-groove paneling is more challenging than standard drywall or plaster because where each piece of wood joins there are grooves that collect excess paint from your brush.

Homeowners are now embracing the originality of this architectural convention.

It's clean, simple, and, depending on the materials you use, can be affordable.

Tongue-and-groove paneling typically has a finish coat of paint or sealer that protects the wood.

This must be roughed up with fine-grit sandpaper so that paint will adhere properly.

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Load your brush lightly and avoid drips by passing the tip of the brush over the grooves, feathering the paint as you go.

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