Updating optical drive in imac

(Techies will note that the most significant speed improvements will be seen on late 2008 or newer machines, as those Macs support faster SATA II or SATA III storage devices, including most SSDs.The SATA III standard Apple began to support in 2011 is backward-compatible, so an SSD with SATA III support will work in SATA II Macs, just at slower (but still noticeably better than typical hard drive) speeds.) What Does Swapping The Optical Drive For An SSD Get Me?

Apple still sells non-Retina 13″ Mac Book Pros with optical drives; this model hasn’t been updated with new hardware in a long time.

These solutions worked, but were clunky (except for the lucky Mac Pro owners).

Now, just as Apple is moving away from optical discs entirely, California-based MCE Technologies has finally delivered what many Mac owners have long dreamed of: an internal Blu-ray drive.

Short answer: Every Mac’s overall performance is weighed down by the computer’s slowest parts.

Even if your CPU, graphics card, and other components are on par with current-generation Macs, your apps and files could be stored on a slow hard drive that takes a long time to load and save things you’re using.

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