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all waterproof mascara, lip gloss, upside-down splits and perma-smiles. The one-time aquatic goddess of the screen, now 86, is one of Hollywood's last remaining Grand Dames, living in Beverley Hills.

For her tremendous contribution to the development of this challenging and artistic sport, Seller received an honoured place in the Canadian Aquatic Hall of Fame in 1968, and the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1988.British teams have always had good representation in the Commonwealth Games but there has obviously been a bit of a decline in the last decade.However, there is now a really big push on for 2012.In 1923, one such competition, a contest in strokes and tricks, was held at the Montreal YWCA.The following year, Seller and a few of her fellow swimmers drew up the rules for a Provincial Championship in this event.

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