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Sudan had telecommunication services as early as 1897.

All of the organizations established to deliver telecommunications services were government-owned.

Security forces frequently conduct searches without warrants and target persons suspected of political crimes.

The government monitors private communication and movement of individuals without due legal process.

Sudan Television operates three stations located in Omdurman, Al Jazirah, and Atbarah.In opposition to the official broadcast network, the Sudan People's Liberation Army operated its own clandestine radio station, Radio SPLA, from secret transmitters within the country and facilities in Ethiopia.Radio SPLA broadcasts were in Arabic, English, and various languages of the south.At that time, Sudan had one of the lowest penetration rates (0.23%) even by regional standards.The Three-Year Economic Salvation Programme (1990–1993), adopted by the Government of Sudan, emphasized the role of telecommunications in the socio-economic development process and called for the removal of the monopolistic environment in the sector and for the involvement of the private sector—whether local or foreign—in the telecommunication sector as well as in other sectors to overcome the persistent shortfalls in investment and performance.

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