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The second kind of relationship we can choose to experience with a soul mate is one that involves important life lessons.

For example, during our in-between life stay, we might plan to have a relationship with another while in physical body that would teach us the value of patience, forgiveness, tolerance, openness, acceptance, honor or another personal behavior that would foster our inner growth and spiritual awareness.

As such, they can be extremely valuable and should be honored and respected for these very blessed reasons.

A dramatically different kind of relationship exists that is considered to be the most profound and compelling of all.

Keep in mind that it could take many lifetimes to appreciate the importance of such qualities, and even more to make them a permanent part of our human nature.

The third type of soul mate partnership between a man and woman has been generally referred to as a relationship.

is the most soul-level, illuminating, relationship compatibility report you will find! It's like 3 reports in one and after a detailed explanation of your personal numerology, I tell you about the specific aspects that have brought you two together, whether you have strong soulmate connections or if your relationship is more physically based.

As they get to know their housemates and budding relationships form, the hopefuls will learn that if the data doesn't match what their heart feels, they will have to start over in their quest for love.Another possible outcome is that the karma may only be partially resolved, leaving both with more work to do during this or some future life together.All the negative karma we’ve incurred during any of our previous lives will eventually be healed through decisions that are based upon unconditional love and forgiveness.soul mates are two individuals who have come together during a given lifetime to heal something from a past life or previous lives.Their relationship with one another can be very profound and loving, or it can deteriorate into the same negative situation that was created in a previous life.

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