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Navy’s most capable and potent anti-surface and anti-submarine weapon in use aboard U. Navy and allied submarines today and has been designed to be exceedingly lethal and effective against threats operating in deep and shallow waters.

After it is added, copy the API key shown in the poller list - you'll need it in a second. This will force the system to check for poller updates every morning, and update if any are available.

The M3 Sonar has the ability to configure applications using complex pulses.

The system allows the operator to interleave active pings and passive listening modes, Doppler, multiple true-zoom windows (up to 4) with linear FM and CW imaging modes of operation.

Selecting the Audio control button will expand to reveal the new Audio Controller Color Tracks based on data The system can now dynamically change the color of a tack based on a source of data.

Track color can be based on the following data sources (if available):- Heat map is a new Chart Overlay that shows a history of the sea surface temperature where the boat has been.

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In most scenarios, you can leave all configuration settings at their defaults and have an efficient, fast poller.

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