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According to a press release, Game, 35, will embark on a national tour while his friends introduce him to cuties across the country.

They sleep on a pile of garbage bags next to a pile of their own vomit. We might be at a party having a great night together, and then I get a song idea and have to lock myself and my instruments (look, sometimes I do bring them with me, you never know) in the bathroom for a while because it's a very good chord progression. It's got to be kind of weird to listen to them, but you're here now and they're not.Come Together • Cover Me • Video Killed the Speed Debate Star • The Story About Us (But More About Me) • We're Not Gonna Take It • A Band with No Name • We Can Be Heroes, Sort Of • Should I Stay or Should I Go?• Money (That's What I Want) • Freddy Fights for His Right to Party • (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll • We Are the Champions ... • With or Without You • Brilliant Disguise • I Put a Spell on You • Welcome to My Nightmare • Truckin' • Voices Carry • Is She Really Going Out with Him? They're starting to get used to fame and being more comfortable as a band.They continue to mix comedy with cast performances of popular and original songs.

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In 2009, Kellie Pickler announced that she had been secretly dating Kid Rock for a year.

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