Rainie yang mike he dating

I never really thought about this pairing before but so far it looks promising. that's interesting :] i wanna see how this pairing works out..

Li Wei was studying at sport class when he was primary school and he had won second place during the National Basketball League before.

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hmmm...i'm no sure whether this is true, but i heard the hebe is dating jay chou? honestly, i still prefer mike he and rainie yang.have so much chemistry on and off screen! i mean i think hebe is pretty and a really good singer .. i dont know if its gonna be the same as RM's chemistry but i'll wait and see ... ..i sort of see li wei in the new drama with hebe more than i see hebe with mike?? and the person above.."bapeman".comment isnt too nice, u do know mike is ranked one of the most handsome men in asia right??

i dont know whats ur meaning of 'taiwanese' if u want them to look very 'tai'.theres no doubt he's a hottie..maybe guys r just jealous of him..hohoho~ they look [retty compatable recently when SHE and Mike did the sanitary andorsment thign together, Hebe stood next to him and they're pretty cool (look wise that is) can't wait for the new drama!

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In this drama, Li Wei likes Hebe but in Hebe eyes, there is only Mike.

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