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I think everyone’s a bit guilty of sometimes just seeing things from their own point of view.

It was really nice to see things from someone else’s perspective.

DB: There are some fairly…intimate scenes with Nico (Mirallegro, who plays Finn).

When you’re close in real life, how do you stay professional? Because you do know each other, you know you’re both going to be there for each other and be kind to each other. DB: Have you now renamed your lady parts ‘the baby lion’?

I think a lot of teens do this – do you think Rae’s age has anything to do this, or is it something we all need to watch out for?

SR: It’s true what they say – you always take it out on the people you love the most, and Rae’s obviously a teenager so she’s got all these hormones and emotions, and then she’s got her illness on top of all that.

I had to talk about it on Twitter, because everyone was saying: 'Why didn’t she say something?Warning – this interview contains surprise nudity and an even more surprising use of fake fur…The Debrief: Could you describe Rae’s second series journey?Sharon Rooney: It’s quite a rollercoaster of a journey for her – she’s in recovery, and recovery is a hard thing. Set in the ’90s and based on the real life of author Rae Earl, the show explores everything from sex, friendship and families to the most serious and scary aspects of mental health.The final episode of the second series airs tonight, so we chatted with Sharon Rooney, who stars as Rae, to find out what the heroine has learned over the past few weeks, why she’s being so mean to her mates and exactly what it’s like to be at work and talking about fingering with Nico Mirallegro.

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She’s making some not very good decisions and her behaviour isn’t great, and the way she’s treating people isn’t great.

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