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, directed by Kiwi Gaylene Preston, which tells the story of a young New Zealander setting off to World War II.The actor, who owes his existence to a WWII romance, said he jumped at the chance to star in a quintessential New Zealand tale of wartime based on the wartime experiences of Preston's parents - Ed and Tui Preston.Ed Preston signed up for the war with his mates as they came home from rugby practice.The favourite thing for my sister and I to do was to sit in the dinghy while we were sailing and be pulled along like it was our our own speedboat.

I've had many great holidays at Piha and always try to get out to Karekare or Anawhata Beach to just walk along next to the pounding surf whenever I'm home.

That's a tough question to answer because there are so many things that I miss about New Zealand - family, friends, food, the sense of humour.

Certainly the natural beauty of NZ is very hard to substitute and although I make a real effort to get out into the most rugged and spectacular parts of California, I am often comparing it to home and left a bit wanting.

LOVE New Zealand butter and fortunately that’s easy enough to find at Whole Foods Markets, which are all over LA.

Whole Foods also stock manuka honey, which I'm never without, as well as fresh Kiwi lamb, grass-fed beef, and green-lipped mussels.

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It's pretty hard to go anywhere in NZ and not be blown away by the beauty.

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