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Nordbak explains how she initially described her new night-time job to her flatmate.

“It’s similar to a brothel, except no sex happens there and it specifically caters to fetishes,” she writes.

You're demanding money for just paying attention to them. I would be like, "Hey, if you want to talk to me, you better go to the ATM." And they would.

Sometimes people don't even buy the champagne rooms, they don't even get the time, they just give you money because you exist and you're pretty.

Now, she describes it, rather paradoxically, as a "Disneyland for adult fantasies” detailing the varied rooms: a classroom complete with desks, then cells, torture tables and “traditional” BDSM equipment like ropes and whips.

The sessions typically cost around 0 (£160)for an hour.

Knowing how to talk to people and how to influence people is a big skill in the industry. Right now, I've been doing so much porn that only about 30 percent of my income is from fin domming.

My experiences as a submissive also gave me a first hand look into the psychological elements of domination.” The worst parts of her job in the dungeon were these disrespectful clients who “tried to push the boundaries we had set before a session”, she says.

“It wasn't common, but when it did happen it was degrading and made me question why I was working there.” She mainly enjoyed her two-year job, saying the best part was “getting to see the sides of people that they hide from the rest of the world” “We all walk around with our walls up, only showing others safe glimpses of ourselves.

“I found out that it was my own limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my real life. Being Mistress Scarlett taught me how to tap into and embrace my power as a woman, and to not be afraid to use my voice.

“The world needs more sex positivity, particularly from women.

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