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They headed towards the Al-Karada district of Baghdad. Their dates revealed themselves to be members of the Mahdi Army.They locked the car doors, took out guns and began beating Ahmed and Zaid.“Ahmed and Zaid were bashed badly and stripped of their clothes, leaving them with only their underwear.“They were then blindfolded, handcuffed with strips of wire, forced into the boot of the car and driven away,” said Mr Tatchell.Two gay Iraqi men have survived kidnapping and beating by the violently homophobic Mahdi Army.The army is loyal to firebrand fundamentalist Shia cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, who is fighting to establish an Islamist dictatorship in Iraq.“The Mahdi men interrogated them, demanding to know the names and phone numbers of other gay men.

“They are sending us information about the homophobic killings, at great risk to their own lives.Two months after their ordeal, traumatised Ahmed, 23, and Zaid, 24, both students in Baghdad University, have come forward to tell how they were lured into a trap by members of the Mahdi Army.The Madhi Army has been involved in the torture and execution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Iraqis and many other Iraqis, especially women, who do not conform to its harsh interpretation of Islam.“Iraq is one of the most homophobic and dangerous places on the face of the earth.It is a deadly place for anyone who is found out to be homosexual or who is even suspected of being one,” said Mr Hili.

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It will keep us going for another month or so,” said Dina H.

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