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[Read: 14 important dos and don’ts of online dating] #9 Video call tips and tricks. While this helps long distance relationships, one way to make it sexier is to do it naked.

You can start off by pretending that you’re wearing something, and then casually let the camera glide down to show that you’re stark naked. Nothing is sexier than sending a handwritten letter professing how much you miss them and how much you have been longing to be wrapped around their arms.

I believe Mac people choose a simpler and more fulfilling tech lifestyle. CS: Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a Geiger counter on my i Phone.

So I guess there’s not an app for everything (yet).

Send a photo of your shoulder, the fold of your arm or any other body part, but make sure the photos you send look like teasers for your butt, your cleavage or any other body part. There are gaming applications that can be played by 2 players, such as scrabble or monopoly.

Try to make your partner guess which part of your body you just sent, and if they get it wrong, it’s their turn to send in a seemingly racy photo. After sending those photo teasers, when your lover has guessed the right body part, send a part of your body that you feel is intimate, or pose intimately. The trick is, take note of who is always leading on which game, so when you and your significant other finally meet, you should’ve both agreed on a prize for the winner.

We used to think that relationships will only be possible if the ones involved have the same zip codes.[Read: 20 sexts to get your conversation going] #2 Adult entertainment, anyone?Watching movies together is still possible even when you are not in the same time zone.There are tons of long distance relationship couples out there who still manage to make their love lives sizzle, thanks to the power of technology.So if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s far away, you’d be doing your relationship a favor by trying out some sexy games.

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