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I felt every single tear that was shed, every single word that was spoken. The artists, the writer, the director, crew, camera man, etc did their job very well! Hope your team will make another project together ???? Park Min Young has shed a lot of tears in this drama which makes it so moving. i often don't come across historical dramas where i could sit through every second and enjoy it. it made me cry so much, but sometimes you just need that heartbreak and sensibility. i probably got too attached to the romance; therefore, i would beg for them not to let each other go. Even the king made me feel sorry for him instead of hating him because of his past. best saeguk drama Ive ever watch, doesnt matter with the rating it is a very beautiful drama.

Dae Jang-geum (2003) was the first I remember seeing, after it I was hooked. Destructive, anti-social orders and physical violence by this mentally unstable king was submissively accepted under the political rules of the times. this drama is so so so good and deserves so much recognition. I know still on ep16, but this will be the BEST SAEGUK OF ALL TIME!! Shin Chaegyeong is just equally stupid, and the lady who save the Prince, she's the worst of them all. I spent the last 8 weeks feeling sorry for the King and hope he will kill the Chief Secretary Im Sahong. I would have dropped it sooner, if not for the excellent performance of Lee Dong Gun as the King.

Chae-kyung also has to cope with her understanding of the King himself whom she initially liked and tried to influence positively. A lot of good lesson to get..about trust and betrayal! the actors and actress are amazing...wishing to see them again another drama with the same cast! He looked scary and realistic many times that you wonder if he has mental issues in real life or if he was exposed to this in life. I have never been into saguek dramas, but I decided to check out this one because the history behind it all intrigued me so much. I was so touched and moved to tears when the prince gave up His throne in favor of his wife to the shocking amazement of the king. I always wish the day to wed and thurs just to watch it and luckily this drama always met my excitement this drama is spectacular..i wonder why the ratings in korea is so low.. a gem has been discovered by international audience which is Yeon Woo Jin.

But now this psychopath King who deeply fears his half-brother Lee Yeok enjoys abusing his total control over Shin Chae-Kyung's life. I can see why Director Lee Jung-sub decided to work with actress Park Min-young for a third time. The acting is phenomenal and you will understand once you see. This is a beautiful historical Korean drama well written. I was more touched when the put his head on his mother's lap and asked her questions after losing the love of his life. the actors are so amazing they portray their characters very's flawless..i love the character of the king the actor did a very excellent with the prince and chae kyung.story is so good.drama is earning good feedback worldwide just like scarlet heart ryeo that was underrated in korea but so popular and hit the storm worldwide.i defnitely recommend it.the way im not just a teenager a career woman with a child in 30's and from canada. even though it's quite upsetting that Korean audience don't appreciate this amazing drama, hope the casts won't get disheartened and keep working hard. Acting wise, the major actors did a great act suppressing and expressing their roles.

But 7 day queen plot is amazing, quite straight forward and the actors really know how expressed their characters very well. The Prince would give up the throne for Chae Kyung, he sincerely loves her and obviously the King is in love with her too that he doesn't want her to be out of sight even though he knows she's already married and also loves the Prince.

Although they are still a few missing point in this drama but i guess not every series is perfect. Though some mind boggling question, why didn't the King made Chae Kyung one of his lady when he is the King?

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