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The reason is simple, all car dealers in our network recognize today’s consumer has changed.

They have more tools available to educate themselves and are no longer willing to play the games of the past.

I typically spend about X hours a week training, answering daily questions, attending meetings, overseeing their work, and giving feedback.

The meetings alone have doubled my meeting caseload, and overall my weeks have become much more stressful.

When Dealers compete, Auto also provides you with the information needed to prepare yourself with everything possible to be an educated Auto consumer.

I need to speak to my manager soon as people start looking for internships early in the school year. I know newbies need training and supervision but I do not want this to be a continual assignment for me.

If I do have the option to decline this, what is the best way to state it?

But you can certainly talk to her about it and see where it goes.

You could start with this: “I’m finding that managing interns effectively is taking up a significant portion of my time, and it’s making it tough for me to spend as much time on X and Y (name some important priorities here) as I need to.

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