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“Influential”, “Best”, “Famous” and “Renowned” all have connotations that can or cannot be applied to everyone on the list because some were famous while others were less celebrated, but more influential.

With charisma he commanded First Canadian Army in the Second World War, although with great difficulty, partly because he had little time for field exercises or the regular training of senior commanders. His public service, however, continued well after a brief stint as defence minister, 1944-1945.

LIEUTENANT-GENERAL CHARLES FOULKES It was Foulkes, commander of the 1st Canadian Corps, who accepted the surrender of German forces in Holland on May 5, 1945.

His rise from captain to commander of 2nd Canadian Infantry Division in 1944 was impressive.

With a solid cadre of Imperial staff officers assisting, he left a legacy of victory for the Canadian army. A veteran of both world wars, his planning in 1941 led to the First Canadian Army, comprised of five divisions and two armoured brigades.

He urged the sending of troops to Hong Kong in 1941 and deployed Canadians to Dieppe in 1942.

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