Dating and business not all that different

Obviously, businesses create dating policies to try and manage the negative aspects of office romances, and those that crash and burn.

But, since perfectly happy relationships may result from office romances, policies that are clear and specific about exactly what they prohibit are best.

Prompt response to workplace issues that arise from an office romance gone sour can go far toward addressing the problem.

In a large firm, an office romance may be more easily worked around.Actions to consider when preparing such a policy include: Do not flinch from intervening promptly in situations where a workplace relationship is having a detrimental effect on business productivity.In cases of sexual harassment claims, more often than not, court decisions on liability have little to do with whether a company had a dating policy in place and everything to do with how a company responded when a complaint was lodged.While businesses can take certain steps to define inappropriate office conduct, many of them quite effective, stopping sexual harassment is often a more complicated issue if the two people involved were formerly romantically involved.Indeed, some people resort to harassment in the wake of a breakup, while others have been known to level false harassment charges after being jilted.

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Because of these potential pitfalls, many firms have policies that were established to try and discourage or even prohibit such liaisons from forming.

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