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Those skimpy, night-on-the-town pics and the racy glamor shots you see?They're classic ways to catch guys hook, line, and sinker.Another way of putting this: You know she'll look good naked because she's sporting a barely-there bikini in her profile pic.But just because she's basically wearing water-ready lingerie doesn't mean she's necessarily looking for that kind of attention.

Of course that doesn't mean we're not immune to dating app traps."But if she has multiple pictures with other men—especially on a dating app, where it's pretty obvious this would be a turn-off—you have to wonder what might be going on." Is it a sibling or a boyfriend?You don't know—so unless you're ready to tangle with her past, think twice about letting her into your future.If she happens to be sharing her profile pic with just one other person and that person is a guy, however, you'll definitely want to flip through her other photos before swiping right."One picture of her with another guy isn't necessarily a red flag," Spira says.

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But a fun group photo isn't necessarily a bad thing, provided she's got some solo pics on her profile.

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  1. For example, a specific interest or activity would be ‘hiking’ while a specific lifestyle would be ‘vegetarian.’ If necessary, make changes to your group’s name, description, and upcoming events to explain the primary focus of the group.