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Over the past few years, Georgina has been working almost exclusively on the development and application of luminescence thermochronometry in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of Lausanne and Wageingen.

She has held research positions in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Dr Chithambo has used the technique to study quartz, feldspar and α-Al2O3: C addressing a wide range of questions including the influence of annealing, thermal history, and the link between sensitivity and luminescence lifetimes in quartz and also developing analytical methods for studying the influence of measurement temperature on lifetimes and luminescence throughput in α-Al2O3: C.

Makaiko Chithambo also has a long-standing interest in the use of conventional thermoluminescence and thermoluminescence spectra to understand physical processes of luminescence in materials and has studied a wide range of natural and synthetic materials including beryl, carbonatite, polyethylene, quartz, Sr Al2O4: Eu2 , Dy3 , α-Al2O3: C and α-Al2O3: C, Mg.

His interest in luminescence goes back a long way, 1984 to be exact, when he started TL dating of loess in China.Since the completion of her Ph D in ESR she has become one of the very few specialists who actively conduct both luminescence and ESR research and publish widely in both fields.In luminescence she has been involved in the development of the pulsed OSL/IRSL and post-IR IRSL dating methods and specialises in the area of dating volcanic rocks.This involves measuring and modelling luminescence-depth profiles beneath the rock surfaces to decipher their depositional history.Reza is currently working on a project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research (FNU) to further expand the application of the new rock-surface dating technique to mass-movement deposits such as debris flows, rock falls and landslides in Tibet, China and similar mountainous areas around the world.

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