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An image fades in slowly, but even up full it is dim: some kind of round, dull white shape with a small black pinhole center. The TEACHER turns from the blackboard and DANNY leans back, eyes front, folding the twenty up small behind his book. The TEACHER turns back to the chalkboard to circle something. TEACHER Hamrah oomoh- He interrupts himself briefly to make a couple of phlegm-hawking sounds. The TEACHER lifts the book to expose the jangling radio.

DOCTOR'S OFFICE 11 The light again flaring the lens. Objective: the DOCTOR looking through his scope into LARRY's eye. HEBREW SCHOOL A bored child is excavating a bugger from his nose. DOCTOR'S OFFICE The DOCTOR palpates LARRY's midriff, digging his fingers into the hairy, baggy flesh. The X-ray cone is pointed at the middle of his body. DANNY's book lies face-down on the desk, covering the radio, but the white cord snakes out from under it up to his ear. 13 The cord pops out of its jack and the Jefferson Airplane blares tinnily from beneath the book of torah stories.

As we do so we hear, live in the room, many voices speaking a foreign language in unison. The radio is on a desktop but hidden from in front by the book held open before it. DANNY straightens one leg so that he may dig into a pocket.

We drift down the cord to find the radio at its other end. The boy who is listening to the transistor radio-DANNY Gopnik-sits at a hinge-topped desk in a cinderblock classroom whose rows of desks are occupied by other boys and girls of about twelve years of age. At the front of the room a gray-haired man in a worn suit and tie addresses the class. Objective on the DOCTOR's office: the DOCTOR is peering through a lightscope into the ear of an early-middle-aged man, LARRY Gopnik. His point-of-view: very close on the face of a classroom clock. Its red sweep-second hand crawls around the dial very, very slowly.

It is night, and quiet, and the street is deserted except for one man who walks away from us, his valenki squeaking in the fresh snow. The man crosses to the stove with his bundle of wood.

He carries bundled branches on one shoulder and has a hatchet tucked into his belt. The man walks toward us, bearded, and bundled against the cold. HOUSE INTERIOR As its door opens and the man enters.

He takes the stare as a sign that she can't place the name. Suddenly, REB GROSHKOVER bursts out laughing: What a wife you have! I ask you, Velvel, as a rational man: which of us is possessed? And indeed, blood has begun to soak through his vest. One does a mitzvah and this is the thanks one gets? The pull back reveals that the earpiece is lodged in someone's ear and trails a white cord. The light resolves into a multi-flared image of a blinking eye. Fleshy whorls finely veined, a cavity receding to dark. HEBREW SCHOOL Close on Hebrew characters being scribbled onto the blackboard as the TEACHER talks. Close on another child staring at something through drooping eyelids. The Jefferson Airplane continues over the cut but becomes extremely compressed. A BLINDING LIGHT At the cut to the light the Jefferson Airplane music jumps up full. His point-of-view: a blacktopped parking lot with a few orange school busses, beyond it a marshy field, and distant suburban bungalows.

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